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Sump Pump Installation

This week our fully qualified Confined-Space team were called upon to install a recently refurbished sump pump in the tunnels below Ludgate station for the City of London.

Many parts of London and the South East are in high-risk areas of flooding. Causing not only water damage, but also serious structural damage. Having a suitable response plan should be a priority for companies with at-risk properties.

The submersible pump automatically detects rising water and will pump it away safely, protecting the property.

Our team of trained technicians installed the refurbished sump pump and performed final testing, giving our client the reassurance that their properties were once again safe from flooding. We recommend regular maintenance of the sump pump to ensure it continues to work efficiently and effectively.

If you are concerned about flooding or require annual maintenance for your sump pump, call the CFS Confined-Space team on 0800 313 4133 who are on hand to quickly and professionally carry out any maintenance or repairs.