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When the heating pumps failed at one of the market-leading Student accommodation sites in Nottingham, our team were called in to quickly rectify the matter. 

But as you know not every job is without problems, as we found out when we were informed that these particular pump heads were now discontinued. That’s okay, we can just replace those with a modern like-for-like alternative. Fine, except those pump sets were on an eight-week delivery. Not good news for our client. 

There was no way that we were going to have one of our sites go without heating or hot water for two months, so we came up with a plan. We found different pump sets from Wilson Electric who went above and beyond to source and supply exactly what we required in our tight deadline. Helping us to serve our client, just as they have come to expect from us – quality service alongside efficiency.

Our team of specialist heating engineers were quickly on site and set to work. With minor modification of the pipework and with that the need to install new bellows, our team replaced both of the pump sets. The heating was back up and running. 

And so the CFS team wrapped up another job and with that another satisfied customer.

If you have any problems with your heating systems, then give our specialist M&E maintenance department a call on 0800 313 4133 and we will be there to help you and get your systems back up and running.