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FM Open Golf day

With the good news that we as a country are slowly coming out of this lockdown, we can start to once again look forward to the things we used to take for granted.

Back in October 2019 we were very proud to be the co-sponsors of This Week in FM Celebrity Golf Day at The Dukes Course, Woburn. And we welcome the day when we can get back with old friends and colleagues once again.

FM Open Golf Day 2019 Scoreboard

After everything that everyone has been through, to once again be socialising and mixing with our friends seems something that we have been longing for and missing greatly.

Now Golf is not high on the list of important things in the grand scheme of things, but the laughter and joy a few hours brings can help greatly with our mindfulness and that is something that we can all do with a lot more of.

FM Open Woburn Putting Green

It was a great day with the people from the world of football such as, Tim Sherwood, former Spurs and Aston Villa manager, Brian & Edwin Stein, Graham Roberts, Kirk Stephens, Mick Harford, PGA Tour pro James Conteh, and Comedian Aaron James. A big thanks to all at This Week in FM.

So hopefully, the vaccines will be issued, places of leisure can reopen and we can once again meet one another for some sport and relaxation, the best way we know how.

Take the time to watch the highlight reel from 2019 TWIFM Golf Day, or look through the Scrapbook of the event to see a great day out for the FM community.

Images courtesy of TWINFM